Friday, September 12, 2008

welldone welcome

Friedrichshafen, Germany
Where else can kids have the chance to watch model zeppelins? It was a pleasure to watch young eyes grow big with excitement...
This is the last photo in Friedrichshafen series. Have a great weekend!


Tash said...

Lovely zeppelin series.
As an aside, I was at Lisi fasteners factory in Torrance, CA today...on a display map they showed Izmir as one of the cities where they have a plant. I was so happy that I knew where that was & had a sense of the place.

Julie said...

I like Tash's comment about sense of place. This is one of the ways that blogging is helping us come together.

The child in Selim's photo reminds me of many years ago when my daughter first encountered a man on a flying trapeze. A bolt of excitement shot through her causing her to stand rigidly until he reached the other side.