Wednesday, June 17, 2009

instant brussels - I

The Royal Library of Belgium
The things that caught my eye while taking a short walk on Brussels.


Julie said...

Perhaps a forest of lights complete with bark.

Why do people the world over feel the need to graffiti their pathetic squiggles over something like this outside a library?

Good to be able to visit here again for a little while, Selim.

Petrea Burchard said...

The poles are wearing socks.

My question, too, Julie. I guess folks need to make a mark. "So, this is great art? Well, I have something to say, too." Meaningless though it may be.

This is why I've always wondered why Parisians find graffiti acceptable.

Julie said...

I guess there is graffiti and there is graffiti. There is the sort of graffiti that Peter displayed earlier this week and there is the "Jesus rulz" graffiti. Some cities have areas where graffiti is encouraged in an attempt to contain the problem to one area instead of every public building.