Wednesday, August 27, 2008

costa serena

Alsancak Port, Izmir
Izmir started to take interest from cruise tourism.
"Costa Serena" is one of those cruise ships docking in Alsancak Port early this morning.


Julie said...

It must be the angle that you have taken it at, but it does not look as though the water is quite deep enough for such a massive ship. The boys sure give us an idea of its size.

Kate said...

These cruise ships are real behemoths! Altho they look impressive in photos and at the various docks, I've never even been tempted to book a cruise. I guess you're either a cruise person or not. The angle of the photo does give an impression of enormity.

Blognote said...

I believe this ship is part of the Italian cruise-fleet "Costa"? It looks really impressive in this photo!

monoblog said...

Juile, despite closeness to the land, water is deep enough to handle cruise ships. Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you for commenting Kate, we feel the same about cruise ships.

Thank you for tour remark Diederick, you're right. Costa Serenea said to be the largest cruise ship ever built in Italy, which is the new flagship of Costa fleet.

Nomad said...

Incredible photo! Thanks for sharing!