Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Cesme, Izmir
Horizon to me is an expression to be searched within. The beauty of horizon is endless and keeps my mind rich with ideas for photographic creations. I'm experimenting with different ways of creating pictures with a pleasing textures from one horizon to the other. I try to do this by associating gemstones with my creations, which are the most intensely colored natural material available on earth. Every gem has a unique range of colors can be found in nature. Each of my creations bear the name of resembling gem stone by means of color variations. The first one in the series is Topaz; it is a gemstone of all colors, and its most valuable color is a golden orange-yellow, called "imperial topaz".
I 'll keep posting the others if you will enjoy my "gem horizons".


Julie said...

I will be with you on this if you tell us at its completion how you have created the images. I do like this first one. But I am intruiged to discover how the next one is different from this one.

Go ahead - entrance me!!

Blognote said...

This is so beautiful and relaxing!
Yes, Selim, like Julie asks, tell us how you do that!

Ann said...

Lovely soft colours, I too want to know how you achieve this result.