Thursday, April 2, 2009

colorful taipei - IX

The perspective feels for the most parts like a view inholds different worlds.


Julie said...

Different worlds - such a sobering view of the life that some people lead. And, yes, there are others worse still.

This is not just a comparison of buildings. This is living trapped compared with living with hope. I have not been to Taipei but have seen the towering apartment blocks in HK which simply drip aircon units. But here are what appear to be cages: balconies enclosed with metal grates.

I can but shake my head. What difference will a decade of G20 talk-fests make to these trapped people?

Virginia said...

A sobering image well captured. Julie's right, the balconies resemble cages. Thought provoking.

Alison ! Here ! said...

From Your eyes can see more different world in my living county.
especially The signboard to reflect "Fortune-telling & haircut" contrast to The 101 building. real live but different world.